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"Georgina is a delight to work with. She applies herself with seriousness and humour in a charismatic and charming way, and is a pleasure to have around. Winning the position of AWE Emerging Composer in 2023, Georgina was mentored by Salina Fisher to write a work for horn, violin and cello, 'Maramataka'. The trio was delivered in a timely fashion and was successful within the festival setting, both for the three public performances and for the sixteen performances in local schools. Georgie worked well with the musicians in the preparation of the work and she also introduced the work appropriately before each performance."

Justine Cormack (co-director, At The World's Edge Festival)


"I have worked with Georgie and played her compositions both in the Nelson College for Girls string orchestra (Archi Con Legne) and the Nelson Symphony Orchestra.  They were fun, quirky, evocative pieces which players and audiences alike enjoyed.  Georgie was willing to be involved in the rehearsal process and worked collaboratively with the conductor and players."

Christine Foote (violin teacher and conductor, Nelson College for Girls)

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